Friday, April 20, 2012



This shirt started out as a shirt dress but turned out much nicer as a shirt instead once I cut off the dress part. It's a cool shirt from the time when Sailor Jerry stil had lost of nice items for women. I like it a lot but I will never be as thin as in the picture again and even then it stretched a bit over my bust (as you can see) so ladies, it's up for grabs!

The sleeves are about 3/4 sleeves. It fastens with these nice clip (are they called so? you know, you press both sides together) buttons.

The material is 65% polyester and 35%, nice and soft with a hint of elasticity (very little though).

I will be lazy and not measure this, but the size is S, about eur 34/36; it's rather small.

As the quality is good and it is still in good condition and the SJ stuff is quite expensive I will ask
25 euros for it.

It's light however and easy to pack so post & proper packing is here mentioned in 1st class:
Finland: 2,90
Europe: 3,80eur
Everywhere else: 7,30 eur



This one's gotta go I'm afraid!

You can find the product info for this dress on the Tara Starlet site.
This exact colour is however no longer available.

The dress has pockets, which is always a big plus in my opinion. The pockets have a flower embrodiery. It closes with hidden zipper in the side. The belt can be worn tied in front, or then pulled back at the loops and tied in the back for a more snug fit. The buttons are shaped like flowers.

I am not 100% sure of the exact composition of the fabric, but it's some sort of cotton blend. It is soft and has a nice fall to it (the ones available on the site right now seem to be more of a crisp cotton/poly blend or so). The fabric provides a little stretch, so this is a comfy dress.

The dress is somewhat used (not that much, otherwise there'd be more photos of me wearint it, I only had this one post :) I had it on me as a guest on TV btw. Yey, extra points! Haha. ) but in a generally good condition. Price for a new dress is 75 GBP.

Size: 12
Actual measurements (from the Tara Starlet site, in INCHES):
Bust - 38
Waist - 29
Hip - 38
Skirt lenght form waist down : 24" (61cm)
You will be able to fit this with a bigger hip (mine is 40), no prob!

Price : 35 euros
Post  & Proper packing :
Finland - 5,30eur
Europe -  7,70eur
Everywhere else - 9,30eur
Prices are for 2nd class mail as the dress is pretty heavy (500gr).



I love this one! Love love love!

But, as with most other things that end up here, I have not worn it enough. IN fact, only abouyt 2-3 times... I always wanted to wait to get my legs back in to shape to be able to wear it without tights but now with childbirth coming up I might as well just let it go :)

The romper came with a tiny little stitch keeping the bust line more modest. I have opened the stitch as it stretched a bit over my bust. I wore it with a top underneath instead. You can easily stitch it back together if you prefer, but the fabric does fall nicer now that opened.

The romper has a hidden zipper in the back. The golden buttons in front are just for decorative use.
It has pockets on the side. Oh, pockets! Now I'm starting to re-consider selling, what if I loose a lot of weight when breastfeeding and my legs go all slim and slender again (haha, good one!)

It has a very nice fit! It will also look nice less tight, on somebody smaller than me. Mind that my hips and behind are rather large, the legs will take on a more skirt-like look on a slimmer body shape.

The brand is Peppermint, ordered from ModCloth about a year and a half ago.
Style it like I did with coloured or nude tights and high heels. Or a black beret and black ballerinas and a floppy, slightly longer cardigan for a more artsy look. Just to name a few.

Close up on the pattern. This is taken with the phone in sharp light, the colour is a bit softer in real life.

Material : 100% polyester, light and soft, not "sweaty". Does not stretch. 
Label says hand wash.

Size : a small L. 

Measurements, flat:
Lenght - 80cm
Length; shoulder to groin - approx.74cm
Bust- 45cm
Waist - 36cm
Hip - 49cm

Price : 35 euros
Post & Packaging (1st class)
Finland: 2,90
Europe: 3,80eur
Everywhere else: 7,30 eur



Handmade Hawaiian themed blouse in mint green, gray  and wine red by Finnish seamstress Sweet Sue.

I've hardly ever worn this (as in only once, and no photos of that occasion) - it was just too... flowery for me. Don't get me wrong, I love Hawaiian prints! But for some reason I still didn't get around to wear it. Mainly since it's always been a bit on the smaller side for me; I have rather broad shoulders and my ribs wear in the way of being able to easily tie this in the waist. A pity, itäs an otherwise nice retro fit on it!

The material is cotton or a cotton blend, not sure. It has a firm vintage-y feel to it, but is still rather light, like seersucker or with a feel of linen. The buttons are vintage.

Size : ordered as M, but that would be a rather small medium. Comparable to an Eur 36

Measurements, taken flat:
Lenght - 46cm
Shoulder to shoulder - 41,5cm
Bust - 44cm
Waist - 39cm

Price : 15 euros
Post & Packaging (1st class)
Finland: 2,90
Europe: 3,80eur
Everywhere else: 7,30 eur

Friday, February 17, 2012


Keep your eyes open - I will have to let some more items go due to the lack of space, which will only grow bigger once ze baby comes along. As soon as I have the time I will put a few pieces up for sale, my BBBB strawberry wrap blouse, the Mod Cloth 40's inspired romper... and more!

Until them, have a nice weekend <3