Friday, December 4, 2009


I'm selling away the booties I revamped last winter! Their soft texture can't really take the salted soggy streets of climate change warmed Helsinki I'm afraid, and keeping them just in case this winter has a slight percentage of being a dry one seems like a pity since they'd most likely remain unworn. (This is of course coming from a person who has a closet and hall filled with shoes shoes shoes who nowadays has to be over-rational, so my fellow Finnish girls: of course you can give these a shot! ) The shoes can take up to a few degrees C below zero, but avoid wearing them when raining. I have sprayed them with protection spray last year.

Size : 37 on the bigger side, length from heel to toe is ~24 cm
Heel : 7,5 cm
Material : suede imitation, man made

The booties are actually quite comfy even though the heel is thin. They are only used a couple of times, the edge of the heels shows some sign of usage from walking around but are otherwise in a real nice condition. The bows are sewn on to small safety pins that are well hidden and won't fall off. I'm wearing them in this picture if you want to see how they look on the foot.

Price : € 18 or highest bid.
Raise your bid with min.1 €. I'll keep this open until Sunday Dec 13th.

Shipping & Packing
To Finland : € 9,10 (Maxi-kirjeen ei voi lähettää kuin ykkösluokana suomen sisällä! Höh. Joten terveetuloa myös noutamaan :)
Europe: € 10, 43 / 8,90 for first or second class
Elsewhere : € 10,55 / 15,52 for first or second class

Tuesday, August 25, 2009


This one-of-a-kind dress always made me think of Carrie in Sex and the City...
I love it, but I don't feel it's really me anymore.

Label : Reko Design
Size : one size

Measurements (taken FLAT)
Length: 73 cm
Bust : 31 cm, stretches to at least 45cm
Waist : 30 - 49cm
Hip : free

Material : 100 % Cotton, handwash

Price : 30€
If you bid raise your bid by min. 2€/bid

This is a hand sewn dress out of vintage fabric by Reko Design London. There's no exact same dress like this one out there and I I've always got tons of reaction when I've worn it! It shows some signs of usage but is still in good condition.



This is a funny but still stylish black cocktail dress. I wanted this one badly for a James Bond party last year but couldn't find it in my size - this one was a bit too big for me so I have only worn it once!

Label : H&M
Size : 40

Measurements (all taken flat across garment)
Length : 74 cm
Bust : 44 cm
Waist : 37 cm
Hip 49 cm

98% cotton, 2% Elastane
Machine washable (40C)

Price : 15€
If you bid the minimum raise is 1€
Auction open until Fri Sept.4th!

The dress has a frock in the back so it will stretch and give a good fit. It is slightly tulip shaped, giving some room for the hips. It has practical pockets in the side. The fabric is black but woven into a striped texture to resemble suit fabric. It has a zipper and hidden button in the side. (Spare buttons still attached inside of dress). The buttons in the front are decorative and will not open. The shoulder straps are adjustable. Someone slightly bigger than me will fill this dress out nicely, but a smaller girl could of course wear it in another puffier way, perhaps adding a thick belt to the waist or so...


You may wonder "why?" and I say "I don't know", but the thing is, I didn't wear these once this summer, so they've got to go, sniff.

Label : Bianco
Size . 38 (lenght approx. 25cm)
Heel : 9,5 cm
Leather straps, canvas lining, rubber bottom and cork wedge.

Price : 12€ or highest bid.
If you bid raise your bid with min.+1€.
This one is up until Friday September 4th!

These wedges have a embroidered heart of shimmery thread that says "True Love". They are somewhat worn but in a generally good condition. See them "in action" here.



Label : Bullboxer
Size : 38 (approx. 24,8 cm)
Heel : 4,5 cm
Leather & canvas details

Price : 7€ or highest bid
If you bid raise the bid with min. 1€/bid.

Comfy sailor inspired shoes with a low wedge heel. The shoes have some signs of being worn but are still generally in good condition.


Label : H&M's Divided
Size : 38, approx. lenght 24,5cm
Heel : 6,5 cm

Man made material with a canvas lining, rubber sole.

Moderatly worn. This is a rather smal and slim 38. There's a fine bow imitation detail on the outer side of the shoe.

Price : 5 € or highest bid.
If you'd like to bid raise the bid with minimum +1€.

I'll keep these shoes here until Friday September 4th.


This is a great skirt and it looks great on. But I mostly wear longer, over-the-knee skirts, so this one has remained rather unworn, which is a shame since I really do like it! But, I'm cruel, I'm harsh, it's gotta go.

By: Dixie Grey (small Danish design label)
Material: 50% Cotton, 50 % Polyester, machine washable (30C)
Size : 38

Waist : 36cm (measured flat, diameter about 74 cm)
Lenght: 43,5 cm

Price : 12€
If you'd like to bid you can raise the price with minimum 1€/bid. I'll keep this one here until Friday 4th September!

The skirt is in excellent condition, worn only a couple of times. There are two decorative, fake pockets with buttons in the front. The skirt is fastened with a zipper in the back. The pleats are sewn in the top of the skirt, and folded in downwards the hem.

Shipping costs for this skirt is 3,45€ within Europe and 4,90 € anywhere else in the world +1€ for proper, safe packing!

Thursday, July 16, 2009


The basic cost for shipping small packages from 0 to 500 g within Europe are 4,20€ and from 500g to one kilo 7,60€. Elsewhere in the world the cost is 8,80 and 15,95. If it goes over one kilo it's so expensive I don't want o write it out. But that's for priority mail.

For economy mail, which will take about twice as long (over 7 days to deliver) the princes are much nicer: within Europe € 3,45 / € 6,20 (<500g / <1000g), overseas 4,90 / 7,20. For parcels between one and two kilos the cost within Europe is 12€ and anywhere else 13,50. Then there will be €1,50 (dresses)/ 2,40 (shoes) added for proper packing!

Here's a link to the Finnish Post's price list: click, if someone want's to kill some time browsing through it or just laugh at strange Finnish words or so.

(Disclaimer: I have shamelessly borrowed the parcel pick somewhere from the internet.)

Tuesday, July 7, 2009


CLOSED! Congrats to Aoife and her new shoes :)

Wine red high platform wedge patent sandlas from spring ´08. Worn only once or twice.

Brand: X-it
Size 37
Heel: 12 cm
From toe to heel: 23,5 cm

Price: 5€ or the highest bid
Minimum bid: +1 €
I will also end this one on July 20th around noon EEST.

If nobody bids I'll start using these goddamit :) I still like them but for some reason they have remained unused. Might be because hey are about a millimeter or two too short for me...

Monday, July 6, 2009


Oh my. I really do like this dress but I haven't worn it for too long so here it goes. I think some of you may remember it from last year...

This is a comfy cotton dress that will make you feel like Alice in Wonderland or Dorothy from Oz :)The fabric is soft and stretchy. It's straps are adjustable and removable in the back, so you can choose to tie it halter-neck style, or fold them down, since the dress will stay up without straps. There is a ribbon at both sides of the waist that you can tie either int the front or the back of the dress. The back has elastic shirring for a good fit, and will stretch quite a lot to fit a fuller bust or broader back. It will fit someone slightly bigger than me but also look good on a smaller girl, due to the stretchy back and ribbons in the waist.

I have used this dress a couple of times after which I have washed it once, so it is in good condition.

Size M
Material : 97% cotton, 3% Elastane; machine washable

Total lenght : 85 cm (slightly longer in front than back)
Bust : 38 cm but can stretch to almost the double
Waist : 37
Hip : Free
(All measurments taken flat across garment)

Starting price : 8 €
Minimum bid : +1 €

This auction runs until Mon July 20th.
I will check the highest bidder (well, if there is one :) around noon. Remember I am in Helsinki which means EEST / GMT+3 (in summer, otherwise GMT+2).

Sunday, July 5, 2009


If you read my blog you may know that I every now and then might worry a little bit about the endless flow of things coming in and little to nothing coming out of my closet. So now I've decided to put a few things up here for sale. Not my best dresses, of course not, but neither those never-to-wear again things that have been stuffed in my "ebay bag" for years... I'm letting go of those things I've noticed that I don't wear enough, and it might hurt a little bit since I'm very bad at letting things go...

I'm not sure weather to just request a price on an item and see who's interested or weather to do it auction style. I'm trying out the bidding first and we'll see how it goes. If you have any suggestions feel free to let me know!



This is a dress i fought hard for on ebay last summer, only to find it was a liiiittle bit too snug for me around the shoulders, and a little bit too short for my taste. But it is cute as hell though, with covered buttons and ruffles in front. It comes with a belt/ribbon that you can tie around the waist or into a pussy bow around the neck. There is a green v-neck slip underneath (attached to dress at the shoulders but can be removed). The dress is light and flowing like viscose, the slip has a softer feel to it. It has a hidden zipper in the side.

This dress came to me new with tags, I have used it twice and now washed it for the first time.

Label: Atmosphere
Material : 100 % polyester, machine washable
Size: 36 / 8

Length from shoulder to hem: 86 cm
Empire waistline: 36 cm
Armpit - armpit : 47 cm
Shoulder - shoulder : 39 cm
Hip : 48 cm
(all measures are taken flat across garment!)

Starting price : 12 €
Minimum bid : +1 €

I will keep this auction open until Mon July 20th around noon (GMT+3).
If you don't have some sort of blog account leave me your email!

*note : The brooch in the picture is just an accessory and I am not wearing the matching belt*