Thursday, August 4, 2011


OK; hands down, I LOVE THESE! Love love love. But they are too big for me and won't stay properly on. I actually bought the smaller ones first but they again were too small. Alas, these were not meant to be... Otherwise they'd be pretty comfy as the heel is firm and there is a hidden platform. These are from H&M a couple of years back. My most comfy shoes, the red ones that are wearing out totally after five years are actually form H&M!

Size : EUR 38 / US 7
Sole / Hidden platform: 2cm
Heel : 10cm
They are about 24cm long.

The sole and heel is plastic and the kind of tweed like with golden lurex thread interlaced.

I have worn these only a couple of times; the condition is very good.

Price : 20 euros

Shipping + packing will be about 9euros within Europe and about 13euros everywhere else.



(ahum, it is not ironed)

You may remember this skirt from a few years back; a Gina Tricot red and white skirt that I coloured into something of a 'steelish' grey blue and raspberry. It is pretty hard to capture to colours on photo, but they are kind of matte and gives a vintage feel. The seams are white. It is a circle skirt made out of four pieces.

The skirt fastens with a zipper and three white buttons in the side or back (depends on how you want it).

I am only selling this skirt due to a sudden urge to lighten my wardrobe; I love this one!
But as I have not worn it in quite some time it has to go.
Oh, the cruelness of the world.

Material : 100% Cotton, no stretch. Can be machine washed.
Size : 36

Measurements; actual:
Waist : 71 cm
Hip: any
Lenght: 70cm

The waisband is 7cm high.

Condition : worn, but over all good

Price : 13 euros

Shipping+packing is about 5€ withing Europe and about 7€ anywhere else!



I'm selling away my Tara Starlet 40's shirt dres!

I got one size smaller than usual due to the fact my own size was sold out which resulted in me not wearing it more than just a couple of times, it was a little bit too tight to feel totally comfortable in. I have broad shouldrs and that was the problem.

I haven't had the heart to sell it before as I really adore everything about it especially the pattern combined with the black and white gingham trim and matching belt. The dress is no longer available at Tara Starlet. If you're like me (see the sidebar for details) or up to two sizes smaller this should fit you as you can chinch in the belt and this dress will look good, better actually if not skin tight.

Size : Tara Starlet 10/M, resembles EUR 36
Material : 100% cotton with a nice crisp feel.
Condition : as good as new!

Dress measured flat (in cm)
Shoulders hem-hem : 40
Bust: 43
Waist : 36
Hip : approx. 43cm; prettu much free
Length : 93

The dress has buttons in front and fastens with a hidden zip in the side. The shoulders have mini paddings.

Price : 35 euros

Shipping will be around 5€ for Europe and 7€ everywhere else.