Monday, March 24, 2014


Next up is my Sandy dress from TrashyDiva!

As with all TD dresses this is a beautiful piece of clothing. I somehow didn't get around wearing this that much, very little in fact due to a lack of occasions. This one deserves more late summer parties and tiki drinks!
In other words it is still in very good condition.

The fabric is rayon with a soft and cool feel.
The dress has hidden p-o-c-k-e-t-s!  There is an invisible zipper in the side. As with most TD dresses the zipper can be a bit tricky in the waist; the waist is lined for a good fit but that makes it hard to close the zip over the seam. (Grab the fabric above to keep it straight and it will close smoothly.)

Here worn with bows tied around the neckline (and bra, to keep the straps from showing) for a variation.

This is a size 8. Measurements from the TD site for the dress are:
bust up to  39,5" (approx. 100cm)
waist up to 28,5"(72,5cm).
The hip measurement is free.
The skirt hits me just beneath the knee, the length is 65 cm.

I have worn this after childbirth and my waist is nowadays no longer a 28" or 28,5.... I wore it last summer when my measurement was something around 75-76cm, and it still fit. But it does not stretch so if you are any bigger than that it will most likely be to small. If you are a few cm smaller, say 68-70cm around the waist, it won't matter but will still look good. The same goes for the bust; it can fit a large bust but that is not a problem for smaller cups (like me).

This dress is no longer available on the TD site in any other sizes than a tiny 2 and 4 .

Price 40 euros.
Postage & packing to Finland 5 euros, Europe 8 euros and everywhere else 10 euros.

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