Monday, March 8, 2010



Very little used green patent leather peep toes with white details.

Size : rather small 38's
Heel : 7cm (~2.75 inces)
Material : Patent leather, soft suede like inner sole. Plastic sole/bottom.

Price : starting from 10€. If you bir raise your bid with min. 1€
Auction open until next Monday, March 15th!

Shipping & packing in proper box to
Helsinki : pick them up :)
Finland: 9,10 € as you can't send items 2nd class...
Europe: € 10,43 / 8,90 for first or second class
Elsewhere : € 15,52 / 0,55 for first or second class

(If I just pack them in plastic and not a bag you save €2,40 on the box but I there's a small risk the shoes could get some bumps or such during the mailing.)


päivi said...

Me likey! But do you think they would fit a foot that is 38+? I live in Helsinki so would it be possible to pop in and try them on? If they fit I can pay 15 euros.

the freelancer's fashionblog said...

Päivi : kannattaisi varmaan kokeilla, koska en pysty sanoo suoraan! itellä 37/38 ja istuu aika hyvin, mutta pop by ihmeessä :) Viikonloppu menee miltei kokonaan töiden merkeissä joten se ois sit maanantai ilta tai siitä eteenpäin!

päivi said...

jes, mä pistin sulle sähköpostia.