Thursday, January 27, 2011



Vintage green sheer dress with black lace. It has a small tag that says SILO and size 40 - well, I would've said 36.

I adore this dress, but personally I prefer dresses that are slightly longer. I was planning to add some lace or whatever to the hem to make it longer, but as that has not happened during those three years I've had this dress, I've just decided to let it go - I'm sure someone else will enjoy this more! I am a few kilos more, eh, voluptuous now than when that picture was taken and it still fits me, although it is more tight now. But it does make the body look beautiful! IN other words, if you are smaller than me it will still look nice as this dress does not have to be skin tight.

Material : chiffon like, soft feel, most likely polyester. No stretch.

Measurements, flat:
Lenght (shoulder to hem): 87cm
Bust : 43cm
Waist: 36cm
Hips: 47

Conditon: used, without flaws.
I repaired part of the lower hem when I bought it, my stitches are not that even but they only show on the inside.

(My measurements in inches are around 36-28-40, sometimes a bit more, so around those or anything smaller will fit at least :)

Price : 25 euros

Shipping & packing costs will be about 5€ within Europe and 7€ everywhere else.

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Hermine said...

I think I'm in love. Also I'm a redhead, and it's just the perfect green :'<