Thursday, August 4, 2011


OK; hands down, I LOVE THESE! Love love love. But they are too big for me and won't stay properly on. I actually bought the smaller ones first but they again were too small. Alas, these were not meant to be... Otherwise they'd be pretty comfy as the heel is firm and there is a hidden platform. These are from H&M a couple of years back. My most comfy shoes, the red ones that are wearing out totally after five years are actually form H&M!

Size : EUR 38 / US 7
Sole / Hidden platform: 2cm
Heel : 10cm
They are about 24cm long.

The sole and heel is plastic and the kind of tweed like with golden lurex thread interlaced.

I have worn these only a couple of times; the condition is very good.

Price : 20 euros

Shipping + packing will be about 9euros within Europe and about 13euros everywhere else.

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