Friday, September 16, 2011


I wouldn't have believed it, but it has now come to this...
I am selling away my Vivien of Holloway circle dress. Sigh.

I totally love it and the whole idea of it, but turns out I have only worn it properly only twice.
I will wash it for the first time now before sending it away.

The dress is a VoH 14 and the measurements for this dress, taken from the VoH site, are:
Waist - 28 inches
Bust - 36 inches
Hip - free
The skirt is 27 inches.

The top is boned for a great fit.
The dress is all-cotton gingham and fastens with a zipper in the back. There are daisies printed on the fabric.

The bolero is size S, runs somewhat large; fits my EUR 38 frame well.

It's made of a nice, firm stretch cotton blend; 50% cotton and 50% polyester.

Price : 55 euros
With the bolero : 65 euros

(the belt and petticoat in the pictures are not incuded)

Link to similar VoH dresses here.
Price for a new dress is £69-79 and £89 with bolero (about 79-90 and 100 euros).

Postage & packing should be €5,80 to Finland, €8 within EU and €10,50 everywhere else.

(Prices are for a so called Maxi Letter as the kisrt has a lto of fabric and takes a lof ot place. If I manage to pack it small enough to be able to send as a letter it will be a bit less; I will refund the rest in that case. )

I might still change my mid so hurry up :)