Friday, April 20, 2012



I love this one! Love love love!

But, as with most other things that end up here, I have not worn it enough. IN fact, only abouyt 2-3 times... I always wanted to wait to get my legs back in to shape to be able to wear it without tights but now with childbirth coming up I might as well just let it go :)

The romper came with a tiny little stitch keeping the bust line more modest. I have opened the stitch as it stretched a bit over my bust. I wore it with a top underneath instead. You can easily stitch it back together if you prefer, but the fabric does fall nicer now that opened.

The romper has a hidden zipper in the back. The golden buttons in front are just for decorative use.
It has pockets on the side. Oh, pockets! Now I'm starting to re-consider selling, what if I loose a lot of weight when breastfeeding and my legs go all slim and slender again (haha, good one!)

It has a very nice fit! It will also look nice less tight, on somebody smaller than me. Mind that my hips and behind are rather large, the legs will take on a more skirt-like look on a slimmer body shape.

The brand is Peppermint, ordered from ModCloth about a year and a half ago.
Style it like I did with coloured or nude tights and high heels. Or a black beret and black ballerinas and a floppy, slightly longer cardigan for a more artsy look. Just to name a few.

Close up on the pattern. This is taken with the phone in sharp light, the colour is a bit softer in real life.

Material : 100% polyester, light and soft, not "sweaty". Does not stretch. 
Label says hand wash.

Size : a small L. 

Measurements, flat:
Lenght - 80cm
Length; shoulder to groin - approx.74cm
Bust- 45cm
Waist - 36cm
Hip - 49cm

Price : 35 euros
Post & Packaging (1st class)
Finland: 2,90
Europe: 3,80eur
Everywhere else: 7,30 eur


Lacey said...

I think I may be in love.

I notice that you said the fabric doesnt stretch but I was wondering, since you unstitched the blouse part, if it has any leway for a person with a slightly bigger bust?

Thank you!

the freelancer's fashionblog said...

I think it should! As it is quite open now, and leaves some spare room. You will probably have to have a top underneath though, not to flash too much :)
I'm not able to try it on right now (heh, no shit ) so I can't remember exactly how much space there is, so here's the only picture of me wearing it apart from the pic in the post.
Ehrm, it's a bit dorky but you get the point of the extra space:

Lacey said...

That picture is awesome. :)
Do you mind if I email you (to ?) with another question or so?

the freelancer's fashionblog said...

Yes Lacey of course, go ahead :)