Friday, April 20, 2012



This shirt started out as a shirt dress but turned out much nicer as a shirt instead once I cut off the dress part. It's a cool shirt from the time when Sailor Jerry stil had lost of nice items for women. I like it a lot but I will never be as thin as in the picture again and even then it stretched a bit over my bust (as you can see) so ladies, it's up for grabs!

The sleeves are about 3/4 sleeves. It fastens with these nice clip (are they called so? you know, you press both sides together) buttons.

The material is 65% polyester and 35%, nice and soft with a hint of elasticity (very little though).

I will be lazy and not measure this, but the size is S, about eur 34/36; it's rather small.

As the quality is good and it is still in good condition and the SJ stuff is quite expensive I will ask
25 euros for it.

It's light however and easy to pack so post & proper packing is here mentioned in 1st class:
Finland: 2,90
Europe: 3,80eur
Everywhere else: 7,30 eur


Anonymous said...

Hello! This shirt is fabulous and I would love to buy it from you, if still available. Beck x

the freelancer's fashionblog said...

Hi Beck, so far it's still available, email me at so I can get your shipping details and give you the payment info!

Raisie said...

Beautiful classic outfit! You do pay attention to details (as seen on belt and nails) gorgeous! =)