Monday, July 6, 2009


Oh my. I really do like this dress but I haven't worn it for too long so here it goes. I think some of you may remember it from last year...

This is a comfy cotton dress that will make you feel like Alice in Wonderland or Dorothy from Oz :)The fabric is soft and stretchy. It's straps are adjustable and removable in the back, so you can choose to tie it halter-neck style, or fold them down, since the dress will stay up without straps. There is a ribbon at both sides of the waist that you can tie either int the front or the back of the dress. The back has elastic shirring for a good fit, and will stretch quite a lot to fit a fuller bust or broader back. It will fit someone slightly bigger than me but also look good on a smaller girl, due to the stretchy back and ribbons in the waist.

I have used this dress a couple of times after which I have washed it once, so it is in good condition.

Size M
Material : 97% cotton, 3% Elastane; machine washable

Total lenght : 85 cm (slightly longer in front than back)
Bust : 38 cm but can stretch to almost the double
Waist : 37
Hip : Free
(All measurments taken flat across garment)

Starting price : 8 €
Minimum bid : +1 €

This auction runs until Mon July 20th.
I will check the highest bidder (well, if there is one :) around noon. Remember I am in Helsinki which means EEST / GMT+3 (in summer, otherwise GMT+2).


Nija said...

tuo ruutumekko on ihana. 10e tarjoan :)

Ekaterina said...

Mikä on tuon mekon rinnanympärysmitta?

the freelancer's fashionblog said...

Ekaterina : n.75cm, mutta selkä joustaa siis niin se voi venyä jopa parikymmentäkin senttiä. litteenä mitettuna 38cm.

Cherry Candee said...

hi, how much is shipping to Miami, FL (USA) and to San Jose, Costa Rica?

Thanks :)

the freelancer's fashionblog said...

Cherry Candee : I don't have a scale at home but the dress + package should be under 500g and then the shipping (to anywhere outside Europe) is 8,80€ + 2€ for the packing! So eur 10,80. That's 15 USD. Shipping should take about a week.

C.Areskoug said...

is the dress sold yet? it looks lovely :)

the freelancer's fashionblog said...

C.Areskoug : no, the auction is open untiljuly 20th!

Anonymous said...

Onko mahdollista tarjota anonyyminä? 12 euroa olisin ainakin valmis tuosta maksamaan..
Terkuin, Johanna

the freelancer's fashionblog said...

Johanna : juu, onhan se, kunhan sä sit vaanilmottaudut mulle oikeasti (esim mailitse) mikäli sun tarjous on korkein :)

Anonymous said...

Oukei! Tehdään niin, pitää muistaa kyttäillä täällä.

mania said...

Hei aika kiva, voisin tarjota sen 13e

mania said...

ai niin mulla olikin tämä account täällä, laitan tähän viestin ihan vaan, että seuraavat kommentit tulevat s-postiin, kun pelkään unohtavani koko jutun :P

the freelancer's fashionblog said...

Maina : heips, sun profiilisivuilla ei ollut s-postia joten mailaatko mulla niin saadaan mekko sinnepäin!