Thursday, July 16, 2009


The basic cost for shipping small packages from 0 to 500 g within Europe are 4,20€ and from 500g to one kilo 7,60€. Elsewhere in the world the cost is 8,80 and 15,95. If it goes over one kilo it's so expensive I don't want o write it out. But that's for priority mail.

For economy mail, which will take about twice as long (over 7 days to deliver) the princes are much nicer: within Europe € 3,45 / € 6,20 (<500g / <1000g), overseas 4,90 / 7,20. For parcels between one and two kilos the cost within Europe is 12€ and anywhere else 13,50. Then there will be €1,50 (dresses)/ 2,40 (shoes) added for proper packing!

Here's a link to the Finnish Post's price list: click, if someone want's to kill some time browsing through it or just laugh at strange Finnish words or so.

(Disclaimer: I have shamelessly borrowed the parcel pick somewhere from the internet.)


lace said...

i hope you're still picking through your closet to sell some goodies! i am so bummed to miss those last shoes, they're killer!

the freelancer's fashionblog said...

Lace : yes, I will! I just haven but had the time to measure and put them up here, but Il put up my saffron coloured skirt adn my 'I <3 You'- sandals soon!