Sunday, July 5, 2009



This is a dress i fought hard for on ebay last summer, only to find it was a liiiittle bit too snug for me around the shoulders, and a little bit too short for my taste. But it is cute as hell though, with covered buttons and ruffles in front. It comes with a belt/ribbon that you can tie around the waist or into a pussy bow around the neck. There is a green v-neck slip underneath (attached to dress at the shoulders but can be removed). The dress is light and flowing like viscose, the slip has a softer feel to it. It has a hidden zipper in the side.

This dress came to me new with tags, I have used it twice and now washed it for the first time.

Label: Atmosphere
Material : 100 % polyester, machine washable
Size: 36 / 8

Length from shoulder to hem: 86 cm
Empire waistline: 36 cm
Armpit - armpit : 47 cm
Shoulder - shoulder : 39 cm
Hip : 48 cm
(all measures are taken flat across garment!)

Starting price : 12 €
Minimum bid : +1 €

I will keep this auction open until Mon July 20th around noon (GMT+3).
If you don't have some sort of blog account leave me your email!

*note : The brooch in the picture is just an accessory and I am not wearing the matching belt*


The Girl Brushed Red said...
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The Girl Brushed Red said...

I would love this dress!!
And according to the measurements it should fit perfectly :]

How much would you like for it?
I'm willing to pay a little bit more than your starting price if you would like?

the freelancer's fashionblog said...

The Girl Brushed Red : So far your pretty well off since you're the only possible bidder :) - but since I've already stated that I'll keep it open until July 20th I have to stick to that... I'm thinking of adding a kind of "buy it now" price to the next items I list though.

Here's one currency converter btw :

Lizzie Rose Whitaker said...

I would love to bid for this item. I'll place my bid of €14.

My email address is


Lizzie Rose Whitaker said...

I'm going to have to cancel my bid I'm afraid!! I have just checked my bank balance and it doesn't look good!

The Girl Brushed Red - Good luck!


the freelancer's fashionblog said...

Lizzie : Alright. But good luck for your bank account then, hope it gets better soon :)

Ribbons and Lace said...

Hi... I love this dress but I'm Overseas and wondering what postage is to Melbourne, Australia 3054?? Thanks! :)

The Girl Brushed Red said...

I'll happily take on ms. Whitaker's previous bid of €14

I'm also from Melbourne, Australia and am interested in knowing how much postage will be?

the freelancer's fashionblog said...

Aussie girls : Postage for an item under 500g (like this dress) outside of Europe is 8,80 + 2 € for safest packing = EUR 10,80!

karita said...

I love it and want it! :)

My bid is 25 euros.

Tiia said...

what a gorgeous dress!!! I only discovered your blog today, so I'm afraid I'm too late to bid. Congrats to the lucky bidder and new owner of this beauty!!!! :)

Bionda said...

Is this already sold?

the freelancer's fashionblog said...

Bionda : yes, I'm afraid it is...

Fredy Marquez Coronado said...

Espero el presio de tu prenda ojal y . Valga la Pena tu new trav. €€
Porke yo ace tiempo ackiri una piesa y la. Verdad me salii corriente pero. Ask pass cuando sucede