Tuesday, August 25, 2009


You may wonder "why?" and I say "I don't know", but the thing is, I didn't wear these once this summer, so they've got to go, sniff.

Label : Bianco
Size . 38 (lenght approx. 25cm)
Heel : 9,5 cm
Leather straps, canvas lining, rubber bottom and cork wedge.

Price : 12€ or highest bid.
If you bid raise your bid with min.+1€.
This one is up until Friday September 4th!

These wedges have a embroidered heart of shimmery thread that says "True Love". They are somewhat worn but in a generally good condition. See them "in action" here.


lace said...

count me in! love these!

the freelancer's fashionblog said...

So they'de be yours for 12€ then! I'll re-check the postal costs on Monday to try to find the most affordable alternative!

lace said...

awesome. can i pay through paypal?

the freelancer's fashionblog said...

Hi! Yes please, pay pal at freelancersfashion@gmail.com!
The shipping + pakcign to the US from here is 14€, so it'd be 26 all together. YOu can also send me your email adress so I can make a PayPal invoice to you, depending on what you prefer. I couldn't find an email in your blogger account?

lace said...

hey! my email is: lacyalce@yahoo.com
i'm so sorry i havn't checked this site sooner!! will pay you asap. send me the invoice and i will pay promptly. guess where i'm working these days? yep, trashy diva in new orleans...jealous? ;)