Tuesday, August 25, 2009


This is a great skirt and it looks great on. But I mostly wear longer, over-the-knee skirts, so this one has remained rather unworn, which is a shame since I really do like it! But, I'm cruel, I'm harsh, it's gotta go.

By: Dixie Grey (small Danish design label)
Material: 50% Cotton, 50 % Polyester, machine washable (30C)
Size : 38

Waist : 36cm (measured flat, diameter about 74 cm)
Lenght: 43,5 cm

Price : 12€
If you'd like to bid you can raise the price with minimum 1€/bid. I'll keep this one here until Friday 4th September!

The skirt is in excellent condition, worn only a couple of times. There are two decorative, fake pockets with buttons in the front. The skirt is fastened with a zipper in the back. The pleats are sewn in the top of the skirt, and folded in downwards the hem.

Shipping costs for this skirt is 3,45€ within Europe and 4,90 € anywhere else in the world +1€ for proper, safe packing!


Mia said...

this is the skirt that made me come back to your blog. and now i'm a regular reader. god, i wish my ass was smaller...

Francesca from Italy said...

ooohhh love this... as a regular reader of your blog (though i never leave a comment, i'm too shy...) i hoped to see it again after the lovely pictures with your cat :) i need a measuring tape NOW!

Taru said...

Tää on rakkautta. Tarjoan 14€

the freelancer's fashionblog said...

Hienoa Taru, hame on sit sun. Sun profiili on salainen,laitatko mulle postiosoitteessi sähköpostitse. Hame on siis 14€ + 4€ postimaksuista (3€ postikulut sekä euron pakkauspussista).