Thursday, August 4, 2011



(ahum, it is not ironed)

You may remember this skirt from a few years back; a Gina Tricot red and white skirt that I coloured into something of a 'steelish' grey blue and raspberry. It is pretty hard to capture to colours on photo, but they are kind of matte and gives a vintage feel. The seams are white. It is a circle skirt made out of four pieces.

The skirt fastens with a zipper and three white buttons in the side or back (depends on how you want it).

I am only selling this skirt due to a sudden urge to lighten my wardrobe; I love this one!
But as I have not worn it in quite some time it has to go.
Oh, the cruelness of the world.

Material : 100% Cotton, no stretch. Can be machine washed.
Size : 36

Measurements; actual:
Waist : 71 cm
Hip: any
Lenght: 70cm

The waisband is 7cm high.

Condition : worn, but over all good

Price : 13 euros

Shipping+packing is about 5€ withing Europe and about 7€ anywhere else!


Alaura Hernandez said...

I'll take it! How do I go about purchasing if I'm from the US? (sorry...I'm an online shopping idiot haha)

Alaura Hernandez said...

Nevermind, paypal of course!!! by the way, my email is

the freelancer's fashionblog said...

Alright, it' will be yours! I'll email you, the exact sum will be 20,20€ :)