Thursday, August 4, 2011



I'm selling away my Tara Starlet 40's shirt dres!

I got one size smaller than usual due to the fact my own size was sold out which resulted in me not wearing it more than just a couple of times, it was a little bit too tight to feel totally comfortable in. I have broad shouldrs and that was the problem.

I haven't had the heart to sell it before as I really adore everything about it especially the pattern combined with the black and white gingham trim and matching belt. The dress is no longer available at Tara Starlet. If you're like me (see the sidebar for details) or up to two sizes smaller this should fit you as you can chinch in the belt and this dress will look good, better actually if not skin tight.

Size : Tara Starlet 10/M, resembles EUR 36
Material : 100% cotton with a nice crisp feel.
Condition : as good as new!

Dress measured flat (in cm)
Shoulders hem-hem : 40
Bust: 43
Waist : 36
Hip : approx. 43cm; prettu much free
Length : 93

The dress has buttons in front and fastens with a hidden zip in the side. The shoulders have mini paddings.

Price : 35 euros

Shipping will be around 5€ for Europe and 7€ everywhere else.


Kelly said...

I'd love it! Not sure how to go about buying it from you etc tho, how does it work?! kelly.ridpath(at)gmail(dot)com

the freelancer's fashionblog said...

Kelly; just tell me where you are and I'll add the post costs, then you can pay me via Paypal or I'll send you a PayPal invoice :) And then I'll send the dress to you!

pinupcandy said...

is it sold? I would love to have it!

the freelancer's fashionblog said...

Pinupcandy : I emailed Kelly and have to see what she says, if she will not have it it will of course go to you!

Alaura Hernandez said...

it sold? WAHH i wanted it:( oh well maybe there will be a next time?

Rockabilly Redhead said...

I hate myself so much right now! I just got a new laptop and forgot to add this site to my favourites and now I missed out on this beautiful dress :(.
I'll be checking in more often now! ;)